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Achieving A Headstart

Achieving a Headstart in Gambia is a charitable organisation to advance education and relief of poverty and sickness by the provision of materials to extend and improve education facilities, provide medical facilities and availability of education in The Gambia.

If you would like to help us by donating, or offering us other forms of support, then please feel free to contact us below.


Achieving a Headstart in Gambia
c/o Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd
23 Hesrchell St

Tel 01772 200718

Cheques payable to : Achieving a Headstart
BACS: contact Rosy Apple

A letter of thanks…

Dear Mrs and Mr Alexander

“I am hereby in writing thanking you for your three staff team visit to RANB Nursery, the Gambia. I may say my message is long over due but anyway its never too later. How are you,your family and staff doing? I hope you and everyone is well.

Indeed I am happy for you all especially to Russ, Deborah and Caroline for their sencerity and understanding during their visit and i hope it was a wonderful experience they had. Though i have not spend much time with them but we have met at the nursery and dinner at my house. Really nice people.

Yusupha have been telling me you are real great poeple and always talking so many nice things about you and your achievement. Also on facebook i have seen the pictures, its wonderful and amazing_Achieving A Headstart.

He have showed us copies of you messages, and I am very happy to know that you have pledge a long term commitment to help us in the development of the children and the school. and also about your wish having plans on fundraising and about the 10pounds debit a month on the schools a/c which you also wish to make for the development of the children and school. I am telling you this honestly, Yusupha is always on me “Mr Tamba please I need you to writen them” he would say. He really love and admires you and your achievement . I may say he’s a kind of a Big Thinker with lots of fun in his moves. He’s a star in all he does, anyway i’m proud of him, even the family too love like Yusupha so much. For he’s always like being his best with children.

Today i made a visit at the Nursery to meet Yusupha, teachers and the school committee. The meeting was very fruitful and rewarding. Well, Yusupha would tell you alot more, i know he will be very happy and please when he knows that i have writen to you. Once again i would like to say a big thank you to you and everyone at Rosy Apple Childcare Nurserys. You and your family are welcome and eveyone colleagues, friends and wellwisher too are welcome and always. Long live Mrs & Mr alexander and family, long live Rosy Apple and long live the UK. May God bless you all.”

Mr Amadou M Tamba
(Head of Unity)



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